From: "Antonio Massimo Fragomeni" <>
To: <>
Subject: some informations, please
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 10:12:50 -0000

I don't have the right address so I send you this message, please re-post it
to the right people.
I've some questions:

1) I like (very much) The Little Prince Novel, and so, I've on my site a
snapshot from the novel
(without any commercial purpouse) and I suggest people to read it.
The snapshot it's available in Italian, English and French.

So, my questions are about copyrights rights and so on:
I must send you an "official" request for an agreement of my page with
respect of copyrights ??

2) Do you respond also for Italian (ed. by Sonsogno) and English (ed. by
Penguin) version ??

3) I see that you have a CDROM version of the Little Prince. It's available
also in Italian (or English) ??
If the answer is yes, where (or how) I can buy it ??

Antonio Fragomeni